Stripping and restoration of anodised products

At DNA Anodising we can strip and if required, re-anodise items. When striping, there are a couple of factors to take into consideration.

1. Can I sand the layer off or use oven cleaner to remove it?

Although both of these methods would remove anodising, it would be very unevenly removed and make quality re-anodising harder to achieve. We use a chemical strip to remove the coating evenly and without undue damage to the product. It is highly advised that our staff remove the layer to achieve the best results.  

2. When a item is glossy and stripped, it will lose the gloss.

The only way to return the item back to a near glossy appearance is to polish it. If not polished it will take a satin or matte finish. You can have our staff polish it, have it sent to your preferred polisher or pick it up for restoration. It can then be returned for anodising if required.

We provide services for stripping, polishing and re-anodising.

3. The item will lose an insignificant amount of size.


Because the anodising forms part of the parent metal, when stripped it will also etch a small amount of the surface away. This surface loss is directly proportional to the thickness of the layer. As a standard for type two anodising the loss will be approximately between .001 and .0025 of a millimeter. For most items this is insignificant, but may have to be taken into account for items requiring critical clearance down to microns such as bearing faces.

4. Changing colours

We can strip and re anodise an item in your preferred colour. However, we can not just "put a new coating over the previous anodising." Due to the way anodising occurs, it must be stripped and redone.

5. Stripping is charged by the time taken to strip an item.


For a single item, the time is usually around a $5-15 charge. If there are multiple or larger items, the charge is usually around a top of $30-40.

Car trims however, can be up to $120. This is due to the paint and clean up required. Please feel free to contact our staff for assistance with information in minimizing your costs.