Can I anodise cast products?

Yes and No. Due to the composition of the metal used and the high silicon content, they may, or may not anodise. Cast products are very hit and miss for this reason. Some items such as motorbike foot rests "MAY" work well but others may not take the process on at all. If they do not anodise, the item will lose its presentation and requires polishing. Colours for cast items are very limited and mostly do not sit within the usual colour ranges.


Cast items that have been found to work:

  • Motorbike frames

  • Bike wheel hubs

  • Most road bike foot pegs (but not the mounting bracket)

Items that have do not work well:

  • Car rims that are not forged

  • Mounting brackets from road bikes.

  • Motor covers from MX bikes.

  • Manifolds

  • Cast tappet covers

  • Remote control cast parts

This list will be updated over time.

For further information or to discuss the possibility of your item, please feel free to contact our staff.

How to tell if my cast will work

It is hard to distinguish the difference between items that will and will not work. We can test the items, but if they do not work, they will require polishing to be restored.

Below is a machined cast with a high silicon content.