Colours and Colour Matching

Anodising can be coloured nearly any colour of the rainbow with the exception of white.  DNA Anodising offer a standard 14 colour range. Larger items may have a restricted colour range as only higher demand colours are kept in bulk amounts. 

The colours we offer are:

(In order from left to right)

  • Clear

  • Firery Red

  • Bordeaux Red

  • Violet

  • Orange

  • Olive Brown

  • Yellow

  • Green

  • Turquoise

  • Blue 2LW

  • Grey

  • Black

  • Gold

  • Fluorescent Pink (not pictured)

Please note, these are a representation only of the colours. The colour can vary depending on the type of aluminium and the finish. All efforts will be made to get the closest match, but an exact match is not always possible. Please contact our staff for further information.

Two Tone Colouring

At this stage we do not anodise two tone colours. We are currently developing ways to duel colour items such as signage, rims and components to a high quality. Please call us for further information.

Colour Matching

Yes, we can colour match but we can not guarantee an exact match. We attempt to match any colour within one shade of the desired colour but a sample is required to match any requested colour. 


The colour match is dependent on a number of factors:

  • Aluminium grade

    • Different grades of aluminium emit different colours and shades and is the most critical factor for matching.

    • Supplying a different metal or non anodised aluminium sample, the colour may vary outside the shade range. 

  • Finish type

    • Reflective properties change depending on the finish of the aluminium and therefore may not be able to have a variance. To assist in matching the colour, a sample of the same finish is preferred.

  • Number of dyes that make the colour

    • The more dyes that are required to match the colour, the  more room there is for variation. E.g green is two dyes (Blue and Yellow), Olive Drab is three. (Green, Black, Brown)

              Depending on the "layering" of the dye, there may be a colour variance                   from each layer.​

  • Crystalline structure of the products

    • Different crystalline structures emit different  reflective properties. This is caused by the metal crystals being machined or orientated in different directions. 

    •  As seen below in picture "A", the colour appears to match. But at a different reflective angle as shown in picture "B", the colour is different. This is know as a "colour flip" and can alter the accuracy of colour matching. Picture "C" shows the same components together.


For colour matching, a sample is required and a surcharge of $75 will be charged due to the extra time taken to achieve the closest possible colouring.

For further information or to discuss your requirements, please feel free to contact our staff via the "contacts page".