Lead Times

Lead times may vary from time to time depending on a number of factors such as the size of the order placed and current orders we have. 

As a general guide we use the following lead times from receipt of items:

Commercial  -  10-14 Working days

Private/non commercial - 14+ Working days

We will attempt to have any order out within the quickest possible time and quite often an order will be out under these times.

Please feel free to contact our staff for further information.

Factors for pricing

Cost does not have a hard equation to calculate the exact cost, but there are a number of factors taken into account. These factors are:

  • Minimum charges: (ex GST and Freight)

    • Type 2 anodising - $80.00

    • Type 3 anodising - $185.00

    • Chromating and Passivation - $80​.00

    • $1.60 per part for smaller items.

    • Urgent work charge $140.00. Guarantee completion within 72 working hours.

    • Weekend or public holiday surcharge $200 plus job cost.


  • Size of the item/s.

  • Weight of the item/s.

  • Number of items to the order.

  • Surface area (to measure required power usage for the item/s).

  • How the item/s are to be suspended for anodising.

  • How complex the item/s are. (eg. flat sheet or a block with multiple holes and threads.)

  • Time restrictions for delivery. (A fee may be incurred to cover after hours operations.)

  • Colour (custom colours incur a surcharge of $25 to $50) There is no additional charge from clear to a coloured anodising within our standard range of colours.

To receive the best "estimate", it is best to send PDF's, pictures with measurements, or a reference item, and talk to our staff. 


Some things that will assist in lowering your costs:

  • Having a dedicated hole or holes for ease of jigging. Contact us for assistance in best placement.

  • Having items well cleaned. E.g. Secondhand items with grease or oils.

  • Good preparation work prior to delivery. eg brushed, de-burred, scratches removed, etc.

  • Remove any studs, inserts, valves, rivets pins or bushes. If these are put in the tanks for anodising, the process will corrode and destroy other metals. Cost is charged by the time taken to remove. Masking can occur for items that can not be removed.

  • Ensure there are no other metals such as steel, brass, or stainless as inserts in the component. Cost is charged at by the time taken to remove or mask.

If you have any questions in relation to costing, please feel free to contact us.