Marine Grade Anodising

What is marine grade anodising?

Marine grade anodising is a minimum of 25 microns. The thickness and hardness of the layer provides better corrosion resistance and durability under marine, aquatic and high exposure applications.

If your components are used in any of these examples or similar environments, please inform our staff and we will ensure a marine grade layer is done.

  • Fresh and saltwater exposure such as yachts and recreational vessels.

  • Submersed for long periods in water.

  • Used within food processing.

  • High corrosion or wear environments. (except corrosive chemical environments)

As a standard, our coatings are a minimum of 22-25 microns. Please inform us of the intended application if your product requires a marine grade coating.



Below are some examples of corroded aluminium that have been exposed to salt spray and water exposure without anodising.