Type 3 - Hard Anodising

What is Type 3 - Hard Anodising?

Hard anodising or Type 3 anodising is similar to standard sulfuric type 2 anodising, but produces a thicker oxide layer and therefore increased corrosion resistance and increased wear resistance. The layer can be sealed for high corrosion resistance or left unsealed to increase the lubricity properties due to the ability to retain oils within the anodic layer. 

By tight control of the process parameters, we can ensure the performance of the hard anodised coatings with a thickness of 20µm to 100µm in a Class 1 (Non-dyed). 

Colours will vary from the standard range due to the layer properties.

Please contact us for further information.

Why choose hard anodising?

  • Excellent corrosion resistance

  • Improved hardness and wear resistance

  • Scratch resistant

  • 20 to 100μm coating thickness

Size and Capabilities

  • Tank size: 2300 mm x 400 mm x 650mm.

  • These capabilities are currently being upgraded.

  • The size of the item will be taken into account for the amount of power required and the ability to hold the fluid at temperature. Contact Daniel for more information.